Elon College
  • Jessica Carew, Political Science and Policy Studies
  • Justin Clar, Chemistry
  • Shaina Dabbs, Sports Management < Li> Jennifer Dabrowski, Chemistry
  • Vanessa Drew-Branch, Human Services and Psychology Studies
  • Tonmoy Islam, Economy
  • Elena Kennedy, Entrepreneurship
  • Ariela Marcus, sellers, religious studies
  • Sandy Marshall, geography
  • Kristen Mazur, Mathematics and statistics
  • Cora Palfy, Music < Li> Robert Perdue, Sociology
  • Joel Shelton, Political Science and Policy Studies
  • Brandon Sheridan, Economy
  • Kimberly Shively, Performing Arts
  • Kathleen Stansberry , Strategic Communications
  • Allison, Music Theory

    Hamilton College
  • Vikranth Bejjanki, Psychology and Neuroscience
  • Kira Jumet, Government < / Li>
  • Celeste Moore Day, History
  • CLA IRE Mufflad, French and Francophone studies
  • Rachel White, Psychology

    LoGrece University
  • Tim Albright, Music Conservatory
  • Mark Dupere , Music Conservatory
  • Constance Kassor, Religious Studies

    Wartburg College
  • Eric Sommermeyer, Accounting

    Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Ron Grimm, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Amity Manning, Biology and Biotechnology
  • Erin Ottmar, Social Sciences and Policy Studies
  • Erin Solesoove, Science of Computer
  • Qingshuo song, mathematical science
  • jacob whitehill, computer
  • yu zhong, mechanical engineering and materials
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    Tuition Discounts Hit Another Record High

    The average registration discount at private non -profit universities reached another record record last year, according to a new study by the Nation

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