The University of Texas in Austin must pay an engineering professor denied the tenure of $ 3 million, because it would have been promoted in 2019 if it had not been a woman, and pregnant, decided a federal jury in Texas.

Assistant Professor, Evdokia Nikolova, was awarded $ 1 million for past pain and suffering in the case of gender and pregnancy-discrimination and $ 2 million in future damage, more $ 50,000 in payments and benefits of the back.

Nikolova is still employed by UT Austin as an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer. She's lawyer, Bob Schmidt, refused to say if she is still looking for tenure, citing university law to appeal the verdict. The award of Nikolova tenure was beyond the scope of the jury, he said.

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    above all Schmidt said he hoped that the decision of the jury restore Nikolova's reputation as a scholar after he was so damaged by the illegal denial of tenure.

    "The jury heard five days of convincing evidence of many witnesses, they looked at hundreds of exhibitions and documents," he said. "But the thing No. 1 is the qualified Dr. Nikolova qualified, and with what clarity he fulfilled the rules for tenure in UT".

    UT Austin, who has constantly denied that his Nikolova treatment was unfair, said in a statement that represents the arguments she made in court. However, he also said that she "will continue to examine ways to improve our processes and will implement any step required to comply with the verdict." No additional information was available. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    Peter Glick, Henry Merritt Wriston Professor in the social sciences of Lawrence University, who studies the overcoming of biases and stereotypes, served as an expert witness for Nikolova during the trial. He said in an interview that there is a tension between the notions of the ideal worker and the ideal mother, and that the fields in which workers are perceived to be especially dedicated to what they do believe that academic science can be especially punitive for the mothers. (On the voltte side, he added, it has been shown that men gain favor in the workplace when they become parents, since the notions of the ideal worker and the ideal father do not face that they do it by mothers, Since men are idealized as primary. Suppliers instead of primary caregivers). And, and while research on gender bias in the workplace examines hiring practices, Glick said, literature as a whole suggests that the bias against women is much more "robust", worse, when it is Try about how institutions promote and reward workers than in hiring.

    In the instruction of the Court, Glick focused his testimony of the general investigation in his field, not the facts of the Nikolova case. For this reason, he refused to comment specifically on Nikolova's case. But he said that, in general, the bias against a woman who is pregnant is a "very plausible result" in case of tenure.

    GLICK added that the bias can be overcome both before and during the tenure process when having "really objective criteria and points," as far as possible, and understand how the gender bias It is developed in metrics such as appointment counts and qualifications of teachers' students. That said, tenure decisions are almost always, if not always subjective to a certain extent. It is due to this inherent subjectivity, and due to the experience involved, that the courts rarely intervene in the denials of tenure. Therefore, Nikolova's case stands out.

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