Statement by the US Secretary of Education. UU Miguel Cardona in Fiscal year 2022 Budget March 14, 2022 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576, Press @ Ed. GOV
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    Today, the Secretary of Education of the EE . UU Miguel Cardona issued the following statement on the Fiscal budget 2022 of the President:

    "The last financing package of Bipartisan delivery for our students and families making essential investments in our schools and building on an angular stone of the Administration of Biden-Harris, maintaining equity in the center of everything we do. This includes $ 17.5 billion for the Title I program as an initial payment on President Biden's commitment with the funding of the bridge and equity gaps In our educational system, the target resources to the Schools with a high percentage of student from low-income background and improve educational outcomes for students. . The bipartisan package makes important advances to meet the needs of the whole child, to support effective teaching and learning, and strengthen the pipe for underrepresented teachers. This movement of bipartisans also helps to make the university more affordable by increasing the maximum pell subsidy at $ 400, which is an initial payment on the call of the president to Double Pell, and will help more students seek a university education and Win the skills to ensure your futures. In the Education Department, we will continue to build on the Solid Foundation established through this financing to support the success of all students. "

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