Middlebury College
  • Merrill ("Mez") Baker-Médard, Environmental Studies
  • Michael Dash, Psychology and Neuroscience
  • Michael Durst, Physics
  • Sebnem Gumuscu, Political Science
  • Martin Seehuus, Psychology

    Muhlenberg College
  • Kassandra Hartford, Music
  • Frederick Wright Jones, Art < / li> Daniel Seawitz, Languages, Literatures and Cultures (Italian Studies)
  • Rebecca Lustig, Theater
  • Kenneth Michniewicz, Psychology
  • > Matthew Moore, theater
  • Elena Fitzpatrick Sifford, History of Art
  • James Russell, Mathematics
  • Sahar Sadeghi, Sociology
  • Jorge Silveyra, Science of the computer
  • Randall Smith, Dance

    University of Hartford
  • Haim Avitsur, Instrumental Studies
  • Mehmet Dede, Organning Arts Management < / Li>
  • Sarah Hart, Education
  • Andrew Jung, Computing Science n
  • Andrew Koob, biology Stephanie Lanter, ceramics
  • Hyunj Ung Lee, Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Philip Levchak, Sociology and criminal justice
  • karla I. Loya, education
  • Kelly McGeever, sociology and criminal justice
  • ayako oshima, instrumental studies
  • IBRAHIM OZ, Accounting and Taxation
  • Rebecca Ranucci, Management / Marketing
  • Kiwon Sohn, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Phil Snedecor, Instrumental Studies < Li> Brian T. Swanson, Rehabilitation Sciences
  • c. Wesley Youorts, Sociology and Criminal Justice

    West Nevada College
  • Timothy May, Mathematics
  • Martin Schmidt, Mathematics
  • Rachel Stiff, Fine Artes
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    Necessary Cuts or a ‘Downward Spiral’?

    Michelle Gallaga, a second -year student at Berkeley City College, hoped to take a sociology of the gender course next autumn, but when he went to re

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