The Board of Trustees of the city of Grove City College recently said that it had formed a committee to investigate the allegations of "derived the mission" on campus and recommend corrective actions when necessary.

In the same statement, the Board recommended the Board. University to "a free society, traditional values ​​and the common good" and denounced the critical theory of race and other schools of thought "critical" as antithetics to the mission and values ​​centered in Christ of the city of Grove.

The review of the Board follows months of petitions and duel statements of faculty members, parents and other campus groups on how Pennsylvania Christian College approaches diversity, equity and inclusion. In particular, the school has been accused of being "dismissed" and Peddling CRT.

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    " From what we have observed, a destructive and deeply unfounded worldview seems to be affirmed in GCC, threatening the academic and spiritual foundations that make the school clearly Christian, "reads a petition signed by several hundred parents and former students.

    "That worldview is the critical theory of race," continues the petition, which "denies our fundamental equality, dividing humans into two categories, oppressors and oppressed. If you are white, your nature It is intrinsically racist, even if you do not know. "

    An open letter similar to the trustees of an unknown number of members of the anonymous faculty assigns a particular fault of President Paul J. McNulty, a former student of the city of Grove, the former fiduciary and the prosecutor General attached to the administration of George W. Bush. Googleg.cmd.push (Function () Googleg.Display ("DFP-AD-Article_in_Article");)

    "President McNulty's approach for the subject of the race has alienated Grove City's central district College, "says the anonymous letter.

    'I teach in a Woka school?'

    The criticism of Grove City under McNulty, Post-2020, reflects the national debate on how students must learn about race and racism in the history and society of the United States, but also increases problems Specific based on campus. These latest objections include the establishment of MCnulty of a diversity advisory council, a series of two weeks and a series of speakers on "justice, race and reconciliation", a new course of elective education on cultural diversity and defense, and alleged comments made by Justin Jose, director. of multicultural education.

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    Another aforementioned parent is needed with the new elective education, EDU 290, including the book by Scholar Ibram X. Kendi How to be an antiracist in its study program. "The book is pure CRT," says Father Unnamed. "When I questioned a professor on campus on this course, he defended him by saying that it is better that we teach our children how to think and commit to the issues we agree and disagree, then leave them to solve it on their own. At the nominal value , I totally agree, but develop a class using that book, since the text gives too much credibility and approach to the subject. "

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