• William D. Barker, Executive Director of the Global Honors Institute and Executive Director of the Faith Center and the Inquierusion in Massachusetts, has been elected as president of the South University of Wesleyan, in South Carolina.
  • Robin Holmes-Sullivan, Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students in Lewis & Clark College, Oregon, has been selected as President there.
  • David Kotz, Provost and Pat and John Rosenwald. Teacher in computer science at Dartmouth College, she has been named Provost of Permanent.
  • Steven A. Mauro, Vice President of Strategy and Campus Operations at the University of Gannon, in Pennsylvania, has been appointed President of Alfred State College, part of the State System of the University of New York.
  • Michael J. Reed, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost in Pennsylvania College of Technology, has been promoted to the President there.
  • Sasha Roseneil, Pro Provost (equity and inclusion) and Dean of the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences at College London University, in Great Britain, has been selected as ViceCanCiller at the University of Sussex, also in Britain.
  • Jungwoo Ryoo, head of the Business Division, Engineering and Information Science and Technology at the Altone campus at Pennsylvania State University, has been appointed Campillor and Academic Director of the Dubois Campus of Penn State .
  • Richard Yao, Acting President of the Canal Islands at California State University, has been appointed to work permanently.


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