Association of Workforce Talent Educators, a newly formed organization that seeks to certify that colleges and universities do a particularly good job to prepare students for the labor market, joins a field full of people. Quality guarantee Commons and other similar outfits have offered the same service for decades, and sometimes have fought to find institutions interested in doing the work required to obtain its approval seal.

But there are more reasons of these efforts are now emerging. University inscriptions have been constantly decreasing. Increasingly, students and their parents focus on whether registration bills will often produce good jobs after graduation. A report published in October documents the problem: 16 percent of high school graduates, 23 percent of workers with a university education and 28 percent of the holders of associated grades earn more than half of Workers with a bachelor's degree, according to Georgetown University. Education center and workforce.

Jennifer Dirmeyer, the topics that support the foundations of the Georgetown Center that require institutions to establish more clearly a return on investment in terms of professional preparation. In September, Dirmeyer and partner Joseph Kozusko launched WTEA to serve what she calls a non-profit quality assurance organism to boost excellence in professional career education. " The group has visions along the way to provide formal accreditation of institutions or programs, but the approach is now in giving institutions a way to demonstrate that they help students succeed in the labor market.

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