The graduated theological union, a consortium for the study at the graduate level of religion, launched a new online learning platform this week focused on the intersection of spirituality and activism.

The new center online, called GTUX, presents conferences and learning modules through graduates, members of the Faculty of Theological Union, students and students. Academics explore subjects ranging from eco-pirituality to the intersection of spirituality and art to religious influences in the disturbance in the United States Capitol last year. GTUX will also include exhibitions of virtual art on topics of religious or social justice, live discussions through zoom and other opportunities for users to connect with each other, including a loose channel and a Facebook group for dialogue. Participants are encouraged to donate an amount of their choice to support the project, but anyone can join and access content for free.

The union, based in Berkeley, California, is composed of a collective of institutions and programs that represent a variety of tradition traditions and focus on interreligious and interdisciplinary graduate education. The idea of ​​GTUX was born from a theory between the consortium administrators that exists the demand for educational content on spirituality among people interested in social activism and community organization, inside and outside the academy, regardless of whether they see itself same as affiliated with a religious tradition.

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