The Department of Education announces a $ 35 million competition to improve the quality program of teachers aims to recruit, prepare, retain and support teachers with a focus on equity, diversity and Increased educator pipe February 24, 2022 Contact: Press office, (202) 401-1576,
  • Today, the US Department of Education UU is publishing a notice to invite requests for the Partnership Association Program (TQP) , which will grant $ 35 million to strengthen teacher preparation programs at the undergraduate level or "fifth year" (pre-baccalaureate models), as well as professionals of the teaching of residence programs for new people for the teaching that make up The relevant academic content and significant clinical experience (residence models).

    "Throughout the country, we must continue the necessary work to develop a strong and diverse educators' workforce. For today and tomorrow," said Secretary of Education of the United States M iguel Cardona. "The high-quality educators preparation programs and teachers' residences are integral to this effort. Effective programs have positive effects on candidates for teachers, including what drives the probability that they remain in the profession, and they increase The impact that the great teachers have in the learning of the students. "

    According to the priorities of the Cardona Secretary, this competition also includes four competitive priorities focused on the diversity of educators; social, emotional and student academic needs; and the equitable student access to opportunities and resources.

    Research shows that high quality residence models such as those of the TQP program can expand the group of well-prepared applicants who enter the teaching profession, promote the diversity of the workforce, and bring a Wide range of experiences in the classroom to support students. In addition, the close association between school districts and schools required by the TQP program ensures that preparation programs are closely aligned with practice. The Biden-Harris administration believes that support for high quality residence programs is a critical part of ensuring that all students have access to well-prepared and qualified educators, since these programs produce teachers that are more effective and are likely to remain In the profession that we are less complete. Applicants are also recommended to request association grants for the establishment of their own (GYO) programs. The administration of Biden-Harris has asked for more investment in the preparation of high quality teachers, including GYO programs, to strengthen teachers' pipelines and the shortage of directions, and increase and support the growth of teachers. As with the teaching of residence programs, GYO programs can help address the shortage of teachers by increasing retention rates, while improving the diversity of educators.

    In addition, the priority of the Leadership Program in the TQP program provides an opportunity for applicants to perform an effective effect. School Leadership Program that will prepare people for careers as superintendents, directors, directors of early childhood education programs or other school leaders.

    The department recognizes the value of support educators and is committed to providing resources and opportunities that lift the workforce of the educator.

    The warning invitation requests are available here.

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