Colorado College
  • Anthony Bull, Human Biology and Kinesiology
  • Janet Butge, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Nadia Non Guistico, Feminists and Studies Genre
  • Sara Hanson, Molecular Biolocia
  • Amy Kohout, History
  • Rachel Jabily, Biology Organism and Ecology
  • Beth Malmskog, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Purvi Mehta, History
  • Dwanna McKay, Mail, Crust and Migration Studies
  • Molly Moran, Mathematics and Computer Sciences
  • Vanessa Muñoze, Sociology
  • Natanya Pulley, English
  • Karen Roybal, Southwest Studies
  • Jamal Ratchford, History and Race, Ethnicity and Studies migration
  • Jason Weaver, Psychology

    Ithaca College
  • Walter Chon, Theater Arts
  • Matthew Clauhs, Music
  • Michael Costello, Physical Therapy
  • Tamara Fitzwater, Psychology
  • Jenna Heffron, Occupational Therapy
  • Karen Lomond, Physical Therapy
  • Eliza Beth Medina-Gray, Music Theory, History and Composition
  • Timothy Mirabito, Journalism
  • Margaret Shakell, Accounting and Business Law
  • Yvette Sterbenk, Strategic Communication
  • Rhonda Vanover, Media Arts, Science and Studies
  • Courtney Young, Theater Arts
  • Christopher Zemliauskas, Performance Studies
  • Daniel Zimmerman, Theater Arts

    Linfield University
  • Andrew Baggett, chemistry
  • Julie Fitzwater, Nursing
  • Lindsey Mantoan, Arts Theater

    Presbyterian College
  • Kate Anderson, Psychology
  • Daniel Benjamin Bailey, Political Science
  • Rachel Childers, Economy and Business
  • Patricia Jones, Education
  • Julie Meadows, Religion and Philosophy
  • Austin Shull, Biology
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    ‘Retract or Attack?’

    The review of African studies faces calls to retract a recent article by two white Africanists who promote "self -ethnography" or an investigation th

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