The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education has tracked the admissions of first-year black students in the same high-ranked 30-ranking arts colleges over the past 28 years, with Amherst College that reports the highest percentage during 13 Of those years, including this one. For the academic year 2021-22, Amherst broke its own previous record by registering 100 black students in an income class of 514, which is equivalent to 19.5 percent.

It is not an accident: Amherst has made a concerted effort to attract non-white students, even spending $ 61 million in financial aid last year, with the average grant of students equivalent to $ 50,000.

This year's JBHE survey found that many other high-ranking liberal arts universities also did a substantial year. "Profits of love in the enrollment of first-year black students, although some of these increases may reflect a change in the counting methodology as much as a real increase in numbers. Due to a recent change, some universities followed the classification guidelines from the Department of Education, which separate black students from multiracial and birchial students and do not include black international students. On the contrary, the JBHE guidelines, which some institutions adopted this year, count as a black student identifying as African descent .

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    Robert Bruce SL ATER, JBHE management editor, urged caution when interpreting the survey data for another reason.

    "Some of our numbers in the increase of black students from 2020 until last year, it is really huge, but I think that is basically only due to the pandemic," he said.

    Slater said that this year's data was "rare" because the inscription fell during the Covid-19 pandemic, then, which seems a great increase for 2021 can be just a rebound of the immersion. He added that the black tuition of the first year could also be inflated this year because many secondary graduates opted to delay school in a year. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad- article_in_article"););

    Even so, Slater said that the report this year shows the vast majority of the leading universities of liberal arts have made "great progress" to admit black students in the last 10 to 15 years.

    "Most, if not all" Liberal arts leaders are sincerely trying to increase their diversity numbers from their student bodies, "Slater said." And that's a good thing. Twenty years ago, that probably not the case ".

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    Harvey Mudd The University in California was rated just behind Amherst in the percentage of first-year black students entering the autumn, with 17.7 percent, or 41 of the 231 students. EN 2020, the class of Income was 8.6 percent black. And in 2009, the university was killed in the JBHE survey, with only three first-year black students, or 1.4 percent of the income class.

    Harvey Mudd's increase is especially remarkable, says the JBHE report, because it is a liberal arts university with a great emphasis on mathematics, science and inge Niería.

    "The fact that Harvey Mudd tends to concentrate on the highest stem, where there are traditionally many black students, and the fact that they can attract a class of black students so large, it is a credit for His efforts to increase his diversity, "Slater said.

    Thyra Briggs, vice president of admission and financial help in Harvey Mudd, said the pandemic actually helped the minority of impulse to college.

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