The Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick of Texas said on Friday that he would see until the end of tenure in the public colleges and universities of the State. The reason for him? The University of Texas in the Council of the Faculty of Austin had gone recently "too far" to affirm the right of teachers to teach the critical theory of race.

"What we propose to do is the end of tenure, all tenure for all new contracts" Patrick, a Republican, said during a press conference. For professors currently holders, he continued: "The law will change to say that the teaching of critical race theory is the prima Facie evidence of the good cause of the revocation of tenure."

It is not clear how far the Patrick's proposal will go. The Governors of Lieutenant Texas have real power when it comes to establishing the Legislative Agenda, and Patrick said he has already supported Brandon Creighton, Republican President of the State Senate Committee on Higher Education. The university leaders and members of the University of the Board of Regents of the University of Texas also "think that the tenue has exceeded its time because they have no control of their own universities," said Patrick. Even so, any serious Texas attempt to end tenure will be a titanic battle between lawmakers and defenders: PEN America has already called the proposal "A deadly threat to academic freedom", while the Association American University Teachers reviewed Patrick's "disconcerting speech and warned that changing the law to make teaching CRT a supplemental crime is" an extremely dangerous authoritarian precedent ".

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    "In a democracy, politicians do not determine what people can learn o Prohibit learning, "said I Rene Mulvey, President of AAUP and Mathematics Professor at Fairfield University, in a statement.

    Conflict ladder

    What is sure is that the current war in CRT intensified significantly with the Patrick's announcement. The movement does not necessarily surprise those who have been following the legislative attempts to prohibit the teaching of CRT or other so-called divisive concepts, however, this legislative session. Whereas the previous anti-CRT invoices were mainly directed to K-12 instruction, these experts said, 2022 are much more about higher education.

    Sumi Cho, a Professor of Law of the University of Depaul retired who taught a seminar on the critical theory of race. , he said: "Throughout 2021, we saw what I will call on white discomfort invoices 1.0, which greatly imitated the ancient executive order that is now rescinded by the Trump administration against the teaching of divisive concepts in race and Gender in federal contractors training. In early 2022, Cho continued: "We have seen an explosion both in terms of number of invoices, as well as the severity of the language". googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    Cho, which serves as Director of Strategic Initiatives in the African-American Policy Forum: the group that he wrote the resolution of templates on the CRT that adopted the Council of the Faculty of the UT-Austin, offending Patrick, said Bills in six states to prohibit CRT teaching by name by 2021, compared to 25, CRT and systemic racism are explicitly directed this year. Idaho, Iowa and Oklahoma promulgated the laws of divisive concepts for higher education last year, but about 20 states are aimed at colleges and universities this year, he added.

    As of Friday, 23 states were considering 49 different divisive. Concepts invoices that involve higher education, according to the follow-up of PEN america. Many include sanctions for violations.

    With respect to these sanctions, Cho said that mandatory punishments and the private cause of "vigilantism" are increasing.


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