This academic year has seen a burst of news articles on the expansion of the gender gap in the university campuses, with women who now surpass men in one of three to two.

These articles apparently called the president's attention from Purdue University Mitch Daniels, who began a discussion about them somewhere between the numbers of Covid-19 and innovation plans in his annual winter letter A "The people" of Purdue.

"Assuming that one agrees that this is a problem, Purdue is reproduction of a part when addressing him," Daniels wrote in the letter. "Our historical average of around 57 percent of men in the undergraduate population has remained remarkably constant, even until many other schools saw that the action falls at low 40 or even lower. There is no intention behind this against The trend position, and without mystery about reasons. Young men and women select in various disciplines at very different rates, and stem subjects that are relatively predominant in Purdue tend to attract men. "

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    Daniels' attempt to join the conversation of gender gaps landed with a blow. Some 1,200 engineering professors, students and engineering students, as well as supporters in other fields, since then, have signed a letter that opposes Daniels' "DeCanovión" in the long-term subproducer of women in engineering.

    The letter, signed for the first time for 58 engineering furring teachers, do not question Daniel's right to discuss the problem of missing university men. Rather, attention focuses on how Daniels discusses him, saying that the male undergraduate population of 57 percent of Purdue, driven by largely by its 74 percent of the student population of masculine engineering, is helping to "address "The problem assumed.

    "Students in their classes look at their classmates and do not see many women, they are clearly a minority, and yet a strong focus of their open letter focused on the recruitment of male students "He says the letter from the Faculty of Engineering. "Your message from it is heartbreaking for women in STEM because it shows that it clearly does not understand your experiences." googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article");)

    'Let's see the numbers'

    The letter from the faculty criticizes even more Daniels, who has led to engineering-heavy for nine years, to obtain the facts about women in the wrong engineering.

    First, here is a little more than Daniels said:

    "We have, and we will extend, a lot of programs to recruit more women in these disciplines. As an example, Our female participation of 26 percent engineering students is one of the highest of the nation. (Sometimes, I have observed that nobody writes to express concern that we need more men in our 87 percent of the University of Veterinary Medicine of 87 percent, or 89 percent of the 89 percent nursing department, or our 64 percent of the University of Pharmacy.) Purdue can not solve this permit the national problem, but by sending thousands of exceptional young young engineers, Computer scientists and other technology experts that are men, it is a contribution, few other institutions are taking place. ""

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    with respect to the "highest of the nation" of Daniels, the letter of the faculty says this, citing data from the American Society for Education Engineering: "Let's see the numbers. The 26 percent of 'Share' of women in engineering is just above the national.

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