U.S. Department of Education invites Javits Applicants equipped and talented program February 15, 2022 Contact: Press office, (202) 401-1576, Press@ed.gov
  • Today, the US Department of Education UU Receeded the notice FY 2022 Notice Announcement Invite Applications (NIA) for Jacob K. Javits Dotated and Talented Student Education Program (JAVITS). The program will grant up to $ 6.6 million in new subsidies for five-year projects that support research, demonstration projects, innovative strategies and similar activities that improve the capacity of primary and secondary schools to identify gifted and talented students and Comply with your only one. Educational needs.

    Support all students, including gifted and talented students, with accelerated learning opportunities is essential to address the impacts of lost instructional time and support positive academic results for all children. Accelerated learning opportunities can help ensure that students stand out and prosper.

    "The expansion of access to gifted and talented programs is an important way that we can guarantee all students, particularly those who are unattended, have the opportunity to participate in" rich and rigorous learning experiences that Open the doors to discover new passions and achieve their potential, "said Secretary of Education of the United States, Miguel Cardona." This work is perhaps more important now than ever, when we must support students through continuous recovery. Our nation of the pandemic and boldly address the gaps of opportunities in our educational system. "

    The department strives to ensure that the educational needs of unattended children and young people, including those with disabilities, endowed and talented , they are fulfilled. Address and close the gaps of educational opportunities in marginalized communities, before and after the pandemic, are a D E The main priorities of the Administration of Biden-Harris. A great emphasis on the Javits program is to identify and serve students representing themselves in gifted and talented programs, to include the training of personnel in the identification and education of gifted and talented students and in use, when appropriate, equipped and talented services. , Materials, and methods, for all students.

    The Javits FY 2022 Javits Program Contest focuses on students who are unattended and underrepresented in gifted and talented programs by including an absolute priority that applicants must address being eligible for review. This year's request requires applicants to develop "new information that attends schools in identifying and service provision, gifted and talented students (including people with economic disadvantage, people who are multilingual learners and children with Disabilities) that are not identified and performed through traditional evaluation methods. "

    eligible applicants include state educational agencies; Local educational agencies, the Indian Education Office; higher education institutions; other public agencies; or other private agencies or organizations.

    Applications are due on April 4, 2022. Successful applicants will be selected through a competitive peer review process, and prizes will be held before August 2022. A pre-application web seminar. Be retained for potential applicants on February 24, 2022, from 1 to 4 pm et, through the MS teams. The information on the meeting prior to the request will be published here.

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