The Department of Education Approves $ 415 million in borrower's defense claims, including the former students of the University of Devry

more approved claims related to the new findings in Westwood College, ITT Technical Institute and The Minnesota School of Business / Globe University February 16, 2022 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576,
  • Almost 16,000 borrowers will receive $ 415 million in defense of the borrower to reimbursement downloads after the Approval of four new findings and the continuous review of claims. This includes approximately 1,800 students from former Devry University (Devry) who will receive approximately $ 71.7 million in full borrowing defense downloads after the Department of Education of the United States (department) determines that the institution made the institution a Generalized substantial misrepresentation on its labor placement rates. These are the first approved borrower defense claims associated with an operative institution currently, and the department will seek to recover the cost of devry downloads. The Department anticipates that the number of approved claims related to Devry will increase as it continues to review pending applications.

    In addition to the findings of Devry, the department is announcing several other actions that will provide approximately $ 343.7 million additional in the borrower's defense is discharged to almost 14,000 borrowers. This includes new findings related to Westwood College and the Nursing Program at the ITT Technical Institute, as well as the recent findings about criminal justice programs at the Globe University / University School and another $ 284.5 million in downloads 11,900 students who attended institutions such as Corinthian colleges and beauty schools from Marinello whose requests were reviewed after previous advertisements of relief.

    "The department remains committed to giving downloads of borrowers when the evidence shows that their university violated law and standards," said United States Secretary. Education Miguel Cardona. "Students have their schools to be truthful, unfortunately, today's findings show too many cases in which students were deceived in loans in institutions or programs that could not deliver what they promised him". "

    Today's actions bring the total amount of approved relief under defense of the borrower to reimbursement at approximately $ 2 billion for more than 107,000 borrowers.

    "When universities and career schools put their Own interest ahead of students, we will not look on the other side, "said Richard Cordray, Federal Student Assistance Director, Richard Cordray." We are grateful to have strong compliance and supervisory partners, such as the Federal Commerce Commission and General Attorneys. In Colorado, Illinois and New Mexico. These offices provided key evidence that played an important role in reaching the findings announced today. Advancing, we intend to expand our collaboration with federal and state partners to serve students. "

    Devry University

    After a review of the voluminous amounts of evidence, the department He found that from 2008 to 2015, Devry repeatedly deceived potential students across the country with affirmations that 90 percent of deviation graduates who actively seek employment obtained jobs in their field of study within six months of graduation. This affirmation was the basis of a national advertising campaign called "We, we specialize in careers" to be anticipated as a "professional placement university", where it used 90 percent placement statistics as a way to convince future students to register .

    In fact, the real labor placement rate of the institution was around 58 percent. The department discovered that students who They got them long before they were obtained by a 90 percent claimed placement rate that obtained them long before graduating from Devry and, often, even before signing up. These works were not attributes.


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