More than a year and a half after a Minneapolis police officer killed George Floyd in May 2020, which caused a national calculation about institutional racism and social inequality, signs of change in higher education They can be difficult to detect. A place that perhaps you have not thought about looking is behind the desk of the president of the university.

But in the 18 months of June 2020 to November 2021, more than one third-35.4 percent of the presidents and chancellors that Americans the universities and universities contracted were members of racial minority groups. A full quarter (25.3 percent) was black, an internal higher education analysis of its presidential database. That figure is 22.5 percent when excluding historically black colleges and universities.

Compared, less than a quarter, 22 percent, of presidential contracting in the 18 months of December 2018 until May 2020 were not blank. Only 14.6 percent of campus leaders contracted in that period before Floyd's death was black.

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