Less than half of the general public in six developed nations believes that universities have been important to help the world through the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a global survey.

While the success of academic science in the development of vaccines, treatments and strategies to combat the virus has saved innumerable lives, the results of a survey of just over 6,000 people suggest that reputation benefits That accumulates universities through the pandemic can be limited.

Universities are far from sailing through a wave of popularity linked to the innovations of Covid-19-Era, only 46 percent of the general public, universities were important to address the pandemic, according to a Study of the Reputation Network of the World 100, which surveyed at least 1,000 people each in Australia, Great Britain, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands and the United States. A fifth of the respondents, said the universities had been "unimportant" in the global fight against Covid-19, while 25 percent did not make sense of the way in which higher education institutions had contributed.

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