When Mikah Jorgensen gave birth to his daughter in January 2021, he struggled to stay with the degree program that had begun two years before. Without child care enough, she had to reduce the load of courses from her.

Today, she has a 1 year old daughter and, thanks to a new pilot program, she is working to finish her psychology title in Triton College, a community college outside of Chicago. She aspires to become a therapist.

JORGENSEN is part of the Academic Training pilot of the new moms, a non-profit organization that provides support services for young moms and their children who are experiencing poverty or lack of housing in the area of Chicago The program, which began last month, gives 25 mothers registered at the universities of the city of Chicago, a system of seven community colleges and six satellite sites, a monthly stipend of $ 500, which can spend on what they need, Whether it's food, clothes or another. Essentials The program is intended for single mothers 24 and younger who pursue an academic certificate or a long-term associated title.

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