A new campaign report for university opportunity, a California-based research and research organization, highlights the current capital gaps for Black and Latinx students who pursue higher education in the county of the Angels.

The report, released today, describes some notable gains in access to students from Black and Latinx to college and its academic results. However, it also indicates the disparities of stubborn education and suggests that the Covid-19 pandemia could "threaten to compensate and undo years of improvements for secondary schools and community colleges in California" in particular.

Michele Siquesiros, president of the campaign for the opportunity of the University, said the County of Los Angeles is "the most populous, most important" county in California, so the report has broader implications for the state. The county is home approximately one third of black and Latinal residents in the state, and California has the most Latin residents of any state and the fifth largest of the country's black population.

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