New updates from the Scorecard University make the tool more useful for students and families with data on college costs, graduation rates and post-university gains February 7, 2022 Contact : Press Office, (202) 401-1576,
  • Today, the US Department of Education UU Updates to the scorecard card of the university that make the tool more useful for students and families weighing college options. The tool also includes new and updated information that can be beneficial for school counselors, university access providers, researchers and other critical stakeholders. The Department has improved the Scorecard Web tool of the University, in addition to restoring several metrics that help students assess how their future institution compares with other universities between costs, graduation rates, post-university earnings and Other metrics. The changes reflect the priority of the Department to support and promote inclusive and affordable postsecondary programs that provide strong career results for students.

    U.S. The Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, will highlight these new updates to the Scorecard card of the University, during the National Legislative Summit of the Community Community 2022, an event that brings together hundreds of community college leaders from across the country.

    "By ascent many students and families, the college search process can be overwhelming. But high-quality high quality information from higher education institutions can help students determine which university o University is the best option for them, "said Secretary of Education of the United States, Miguel Cardona. "The updated and improved university scorecard shines a focus of affordability, inclusion and results, on exclusivity and schools that leave students without good jobs and with debt mountains. This update reflects the commitment of the Biden-Harris administration to ensure that Students remain in the heart. From the work of the department ".

    Updates to the SCORECARD University also include an annual cumulative loan debt update of student borrowers both at the institutional and field of study within each institution, as well as Federal Student Loan Payment Rates for the institution.

    For the first time since 2018, the department is publishing, both in the data files and in the gain data of the consumer site institution, which provide a general sense of the results of the Race for the former students of the institution. The scorecard also includes additional information about graduates who are better because they went to college, showing the percentage of those who earn more than the typical worker with only a high school diploma.

    The data of the college thistle provides essential details for students and future students in all schools, helping them make informed decisions about their postsecondary education plans. The data also shines a focus on the accessible universities that are taking care of their students, even when closing the gaps at the end rates among color students compared to white students and ensuring that the programs lead the results of the results of The positive debt. Examples include:

  • Baltimore University, a predominantly black institution in Maryland, enrolls black students as almost half of their registration, charges a licensee lower than most four-year institutions, and They saw the profits later to the University of four years. More than $ 58,000.
  • Valencia College, a community college in Florida, inscribes three of four of its university population as color students and has reduced its university completion rate gaps; Nowadays, 45% of white students and 41% of Hispanic students graduate from the program.

    The scorecard of the university includes many other examples of institutions that are inclusive, often without resources, and are working to improve their students. 'Results.

    The scorecard of the university is based on the effort

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