CARDONA Secretary to open Wednesday's Wednesday ADVANZE team at the Joint Race Education Summit

Virtual Conference to Forms of Fortress to help young people and adults access to the tracks of the tail of Quality and Racing February 1, 2022 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576,
  • Us the Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, will deliver opening comments on Wednesday at the 2022 Advanced Education Summit at the Education Summit connected in the race , A virtual conference that brought together hundreds of officials and external stakeholders to share ways to help young people and adults access the quality roads.

    The virtual event, hosted from noon to 4 p.m. ET by the Office of Education Career, Technique and Adults of the Department (Octay), will be a forum to exchange research, strategies based on evidence and innovative practices that promote equity through education related to the career. Presenters include representatives of federal, state and local agencies, and institutions of higher education students, teachers and researchers.

    The Equity Equity Summit of tomorrow is an important component of the ongoing efforts of the Department of Education to implement the Executive Order 13985, promoting racial equity and support for marginalized communities through the Government federal. The Summit also advances the objectives of the Secretary so that all young people and adults are ready to have significant, university quality and professional access.

    In an important direction, the Cardona Secretary recently highlighted the importance of making higher education more inclusive and affordable. He also stressed that students should have roads through higher education that lead to successful races. To achieve this, he asked to reinsert the connection between P-12, higher education and the workforce. The Cardona Secretary also recommended prioritizing the subsidy programs that allow students to return to higher education or pursue professional and technical education programs at any time of their lives and careers.

    Among the highlights of the Summit:

  • Noon-12: 15 pm - The Cardona Secretary will strengthen his priorities for education, announced last week, which included an education Superior more inclusive and affordable, as well as guaranteeing pathways through the upper ED that lead to successful races.
  • 12: 15-12: 50 pm - Opening session, "The federal role in driving equity through education related to the race", with a discussion on the panel on how the department Education and its federal partners can support the commitment of the Biden Administration with equity in education related to the career.
  • 3-3: 50 pm - Break session 8: "Scale student support services based on evidence in community colleges", focusing on evidence-based models to provide Community college students The support services they need to prosper.
  • 3-3: 50 pm - Break session 9: "advance the access of higher education through the second opportunity Pell", covering changes in access to Peel grants for people involved For the justice and the promising practices of the Pell of Second Opportunity Initiative.
  • 3:50 p.m. - Closing observations by the United States, under the Secretary of Education, James Kvaal.

    To register for the Summit, click here. More details can be found here.

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