Trinity Church Wall Street is located a mile away from Borough of Manhattan Community College, but the two institutions appear worlds. The church has more than 300 years and without characteristically rich; It continued more than $ 6 billion in real estate assets by 2020. The University, one of the seven community universities in the city of New York University, was founded 57 years ago and serves some of the poorest students of the city.

Almost half of BMCC students, 47.8 percent, received peel subsidies, federal financial aid for low-income students, in the spring 2021. The student body is between 2 percent lower For community colleges throughout the country in terms of socioeconomic status, according to the data of the equal opportunities project.

BMCC, like most community universities, has no bedrooms and enroll many students who lack stable homes. A report of 2019 by the Center for Hope for the University, the community and justice at the University of Temple discovered that 48 percent of CUNY students experienced food insecurity per month before taking the survey. More than half, 55 percent, said they were insecure homes, and 14 percent said they had experienced the lack of housing during the last year.

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    Beatriz de la Torre, General Director of Homes and homeless at the Trinity Church Wall Street, said she was surprised when she read the report and wanted to help. The church plans to give the university $ 2 million to house up to 50 homeless students for three years and will offer them an experience similar to a bedroom. The grant is part of a record of $ 46 million in donations to the charitable causes that were acted in 2021.

    "think about how you would feel, to try to get your title while you sleep in a shelter or really Not knowing where you are going to sleep tomorrow, and how horrible it is and destabilizer, I simply crushed me quickly, "he said. "It was just like," we need to do something about it. ""

    BMCC administrators are looking for possible locations near the campus in Baja Manhattan, and housing could be available for a subset of students as early as this spring, with plans to increase the 50 students of this autumn , according to the tower. She said that BMCC will decide which students are eligible and what services and services on the site will offer. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    BMCC officials said there are some housing options available for unbound students, but not enough to satisfy the demand.

    The College Proposal Resource Center works with community organizations to find an emergency shelter for students and gives them emergency funds to help pay for home. The Center received more than 4,000 requests for emergency funds during the pandemic, most of which included requests to help pay rent, according to Karen Wilson-Stevenson, interim vice president of Institutional Advance, and Julie Appel, Director of Impact of the Project , a program for previously students imprisoned in BMCC.

    "Many of our students are experiencing insecure and living in shelters, Surf Sofa, live in the housing of transition or sleep in the subway," said Wilson-Stevenson in an email. "It is very difficult to concentrate on academics while worrying simultaneously where you are going to sleep at night."

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