With decreased inscriptions, Oklahoma City University is fasing its early childhood and elementary teachers preparation programs. Only three students remain in the combined programs.

While the decision to close the programs was performed silently in 2020, Pre-Covid-19, the news was only widely known. In addition to the local coverage of the media, questions about the health of teachers' education programs are indicated, especially when Oklahoma and other states face a possible wave of withdrawals and renunciations from this anus.

"That's the greatest concern of all," said Heather Sparks, Director of Teacher Education at OCU. "We know we're going to keep needing teachers, and yet we're not doing a job enough, collectively, in getting people in the pipeline."

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    Sparks, who graduated from the OCU education program about 30 years ago and only returned to teach there recently, the education classes of children's and elementary teachers early enrolled from 10 to 12 students. But about 10 years ago, the inscriptions began to "drip," said Sparks, which led the university to finally consider the two unsustainable programs.

    At the national level, the total enrollment in the teachers' preparation programs decreased by more than one third. 2010 and 2017, even when the general undergraduate enrollment increased in the same period, according to an analysis of 2019 for US progress. Oklahoma was the worst in the part of the state's analysis by state, with an enrollment failure of 80 percent.

    Covid-19 means doing worse things in some places. According to a recent survey of the American Association of Teacher Education Colleges, 20 percent of the institutions reported that the pandemic resulted in a decrease of 11 percent or more in the new undergraduate registration. For the postgraduate registration, 13 percent of the institutions reported significant decreases due to Covid-19. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    Jacqueline Rodriguez, Vice President of Research, Policy and Defense in the Association, said registration decreases related to pandemic can threaten smaller programs in particular, as they need a critical mass of students to operate. And "If those programs begin to close, we are going to have a real problem with the workforce," she added.

    OCU Pre-Decundaria Education Programs are not the only education programs to be targeted at removal in recent years. The University of South Florida surprised students, faculty members and community partners at 2020 when he said that he was closing all undergraduate education programs due to a significant decrease in registration, along with the university budget cuts of Systemwide. The university reversed the course after the contraction, including local school districts that hire many program teachers. At the same time, the University of California, Davis, retreated in a plan to suspend its education program for teachers due to similar protest.

    Rodríguez said that what she collected from these reversals is that planned closures were "scarce decisions that did not include interested parties."

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    'missing the boat'

    OCU has not seen this type of opposition to its decision to close two of its programs, probably because it is a smaller and most private institution, not a large audience. OCU, other educational programs, in art, music and


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