The Thunderbird School of Global Management at the Arizona State University plans to launch a new online certificate of administration and global entrepreneurship that will offer five free online business courses in 40 languages ​​around the world and aim to arrive 100 million students in 2030, 70 percent of women.

on Thursday has announced the program and will be funded by a gift from $ 25 million students that coincide with donations in kind of business school and university, which will bring at least the business school at least Halfway to the goal of $ 100 million to launch the program in the next two years, said Sanjeev Khagram, Dean of the Business School.

Khagram said the program is a natural extension of Thunderbird, which is called the most global. and digital management and leadership academy in the world. With the new program, school administrators expect to catapult people in the developing world in business careers and entrepreneurship by showing them what is possible. Khagram said officials focus particularly on reaching an estimated 26 million refugees around the world.

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    People who enroll will win an insignia for each course taken, And if you complete the five courses in the program, you will receive an executive certificate. Khagram said he is working with college to ensure that the certificate can be converted for college credits. He pointed out that Thunderbird teachers will help design and teach courses, but the program will include complementary teachers from various regions of the world "for cameos" to ensure that the courses are culturally appropriate.

    Khagram said it expects to be many doubts of the plan, given the sweeping of the ambitions of the program, but he believes that Thunderbird's long experience in online education and in reaching international students For the challenge.

    "We have been working on these things for a long time," Khagram said. "We are not a start-up here, we have already thought of a lot of how to use AI, how to use mobile technology, how to get Internet access to students around the world, including Africa". Googleg.cmd.push (Function () Googleg. Show ("DFP-Ad-Article_in_Article"););

    Khagram is from Uganda and fled the country when it was ruled by Strongman Idi Amin in the 1970s, and spent time in an Italian refugee camp before emigrating to the United States, Thunderbird said to reach and support Unattended populations and partner of organizations around the world to guarantee success.

    "We know there are skeptics," Khagram said. "We know that this is bold and ambitious, but we believe in the moon shots".

    Some experts in online education are in fact skeptical. Phil Hill, an educational market analyst of Mindwires, an educational technology consulting firm, said that even online online online course, Juggernaut Coursera, needed a decade to reach 100 million students and they did only with the risk of venture capital much more robust. That the amount with which Thunderbird works.

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    Hill called the goal of reaching 100 million people "Press Release Hype" and said that Thunderbird officials "need to have cold water that threw them ".

    "There is no realistic plan to say that they can come even close to what they are planning," said Hill.

    Hill said Thunderbird's decision Offer a certificate program makes a lot of sense and takes advantage of the growth momentum for these online online


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