The days have been gone when students who prove positives for Covid-19 moved to the designated isolation housing on the campus of the University.

As the universities are prepared for the surge projected in cases fed by the highly transmissible omicron variant, many are adjusting their isolation procedures to allow students to be isolated in their bedrooms, even if They have roommates.

University of Harvard, for example, the transition last week to a "insulation in place" policy for college students. The roommates of infected students can be applied to pass temporarily to alternative housing to wait for their roommate's disease, but the university highlighted in a message to students that said alternative housing is "very limited" and "will only be available as allowed space ".

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    Other Harvard options set for the Students whose roommates are infected are "reconfigure their suite to allow separate sleeping areas" and "stay somewhere else outside the campus if you can do it safely."

    Harvard refused to comment beyond his written communications to students or make an administrator available for an interview on the interview on policy change. In a message of January 12, Giang T. Nguyen, Executive Director of Harvard University Health Services, said the changes to his insulation guidelines for public health agencies and experts were informed, as well as data related to OMICRON.

    "With universal vaccination close to our Harvard community, most people infected in our community have no symptoms or mild symptoms that are resolved quickly," Nguyen wrote. "Therefore, we trust our ability to proceed with plans for learning in person at the end of January, at the time of applying new protocols that include reinforcements throughout the community and a shortened period of insulation in place, followed by masking strict". googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    Sandra Nelson, a doctor of infectious diseases at the General Hospital of Massachusetts found on the Harvard Covid Monitoring Committee, said isolation capacity is a challenge with OMICRON.

    "It was not part of the group that was making the decisions, but I do know if it observes the number of people who tested positive and the availability of the isolation space, there will be no amazing space available for all those who They tried positive, "he said.

    "Part of what our group did was advised for trying to balance all the many risks and damage, not just the risks and damage Covid," she said. "This is a kind of place where it is reduced, if the university had to choose between accepting a change in the insulation policy or not being able to open the experiences in person for the students, which of those two is the worst harm?"

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    Harvard is not Just to change your insulation protocols, since university officials look at another semester with another variant of Covid driving a wave in cases.

    northeast of the university, for example, it is also allowing students to isolate in their rooms and tell the fellow students who prove positives to be considered "close contacts" and to monitor for themselves for symptoms .

    Ken Henderson, Chancellor and Senior Vice President To learn in the Northeast, he said in a memo that he explains the change of politics that the university vaccination and reinforcement requirements "require a change in our collective thinking."



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