The decision of the University of Lock Haven of Donate 11 Pianos Steinway to other institutions marks the day when the music died in the small Pennsylvania College, or at least the day its older music finished officially.

Steinway Pianos-used by John Lennon's artists to Billy Joel and beyond, they are advertised and expensive instruments, with price labels that extend up from $ 100,000 each depending on the model. Since 2008, Lock Haven has had 22 Steinways on campus, thanks to a gift of 1966 student and current vice president of the Luhu Trustee Council, Margery Dosey and her late husband. The gift led to Pennsylvania University to achieve Steinway's status, which the manufacturer gives universities around the world, often prestigious music schools, which only feature Steinway pianos on campus.

Now, with the blessing of Dosose, 11 of those 22 Steinway pianos are addressed elsewhere.

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