The participation of high school students who register directly at the university continues to fall, the data from the research center of the National Clearinghouse Center Research Center. The college inscription of the high school class 2020 showed an "unprecedented" decrease between four and 10 percentage points according to the high school category, in accordance with the finalized version of the secondary school reference report published by the month last.

The prospects for the graduation class of 2021 do not appear much better; The preliminary data of the Clearinghouse Show's Freshman enrollment declined 2.7 percent since last autumn, 13.1" target="_BLANK">" target="_BLANK">percent since 2019, to all sectors, except for four-year nonprofit private institutions, which increased 2.5 percent in Last autumn. In general, postsecondary inscription for autumn 2021 is running 2.6 percent below the level of 2020, by a total drop of 5.8" target="_BLANK">" target="_BLANK">percent since 2019.

Continuous loss of enrollment among students Traditional university age, from 18 to 24, continue "with respect to" the center indicated.

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