The Technology Fashion Institute plans to establish a Social Justice Center, aimed at promoting color people in creative industries, such as fashion, beauty, design and advertising, offering scholarship opportunities and training in different Stages of your academic. and professional trajectories, from high school through graduated education.

The movement comes after the Institute conducted a fashionable fashion program in February 2020, with accessories that resembled racial stereotypes, and after George Floyd's murder by the police. He caused a national calculation with racism in the highest institutions of ED of that summer.

The controversial counter presented the work of the last graduates of Fit's Master's Master's Program in fashion design and models displayed with large plastic ears and lips, and tucked eyebrows, which critics are They looked like the caricatures of the blacks. Amy Lefevre, a black model that refused to use the accessories during the show, said the director of the show tried to force her to use accessories when she expressed concern about offensive racial images. The Black Student Union in a form called the "offensive and racist" incident in a twitter statement at that time.

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    Almost two years later, the leaders fit are working to put the incident behind them and move forward.

    "It was a very dark, terrible moment, I have to say:" Joyce Brown, Fit's first African-American president, said of the controversy. "Obviously, the students, and the students of color particularly, were very upset, we were thinking together in what kind of things we could do to make sure it did not happen again."

    Brown said that many university and university leaders responded at the national time to "launch money" in racial justice initiatives. , as scholarships. But she wanted to create a multi-band plan for a long-term race pipe to the fashion industry through the center, which will offer "a full panoplia of opportunities that, hopefully, will enrich and finally transform the life of these young people." googleg .cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    FIT, which is part of the New York State University system, was associated with a group of luxury trouble and accessories companies, such as PVC, Capri Holdings Limited, Tapontry Inc. and G-III Apparel Group, who He donated $ 4.5 million to launch the center. Brands that include Ralph Lauren, Prada and Saks donated and participate in the center programs as well.

    Companies will finance a scholarship program, which cover enrollment and full expenses, such as transport and books, for an adjustment cohort. Students of underrepresented backgrounds. Students in the program will be carried out in the associated companies and will be advised by employees of the company and will be put to payment apprentices when they graduate.

    "We spent the time really thinking about how we could create something sustainable, that would be transformer and it would take a real difference in the lives of the young people of color that they had talented and willing to work hard and motivated, and companies that They were really recognizing that something should be done, but I did not know exactly what that was, "Brown said.

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    Bethann Hardison, founder of the diversity coalition, which promotes the Racial diversity in the fashion industry. , said Students of Colo.


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