When the name, image and similarity reforms extended through the NCAA in June, issued in a new era for college sports and athletes of students alike, one of which some observers have compared with the wild west, With little time on the way of the guide as schools and players sail on a new land.

But if the policies that allow the athletes to benefit from their name, the image and the similarity are similar to the Wild West, the NCAA is the Sheriff in charge of supervising the law and the order in this unexplored territory. And that is a hard work work, the laws are a patch in all states. Some States do not have NUL laws, forcing universities located within their borders to rely on loose guidelines, the NCAA provided at the last minute, since an opinion of the court opened the door for Nil last summer.

The lack of clarity. Cutting NCAA policies has created a lot of confusion in many aspects of NIL, including offers from all over the team, experts say.

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