Marjorie Blen, a first-generated college student, left against Costa College because he could not overcome what was felt as an endless series of remediation courses. She says that she was forced to take two non-reconstituted English classes and three kinds of mathematics that she felt repetitive and taught concepts that she had already learned in high school.

Over time, he began to feel trapped and was frustrated by having to buy expensive textbooks and take the bus to and from the Campus of Northern California to attend classes that did not win his college credit o Moving it closer to transfer to a four-year university. She called him in agreement in 2012, six years after enrolling in college.

"She came to a point where I would like, I can not do this anymore," she said. "I feel like I'm not going anywhere."

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    Blen restarted his studies five years later in the College city of San Francisco, another university of two years, and he registered again in English and Mathematics courses. She spent the English class, but withdrew from the kind of mathematics in the middle of the term and the next fall demanded that she became a class with a coherida, that she passed.

    By then she was a partner in the students who make a change, a Student Defense Organization at the University, and had learned about a state law of 2017, the Assembly of Assembly 705, which Prohibits the schools of the California community that students take students to take English courses or corrective mathematics without first considering their high school GPA and courses and determine that they are "highly unlikely to succeed" in the classes they get credits Transferable university students.

    The law was designed to address a widely critical aspect of corrective education, which slows down academic progress and discourages the completion of college, and to significantly reduce the number of students placed in these courses. Students of color as Blen, which is Latina, are disproportionately transmitted into remediation courses and suffer expensive academic and financial consequences. Research shows that students placed in corrective education classes are less likely to complete the necessary credit classes to graduate or be transferred to a four-year-old university, and is likely to pay more registration due to non-reconstituted courses. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    "I started to understand that I am not the problem," Blen said to learn about the law.

    She and other defenders are worried Students do not greatly know the law or rights they give them. . Meanwhile, Community colleges in California should comply with the 2019 autumn law, but many still offer a large number of remediation courses and suggest that some students register with them without fully informing students about the additional time it will take To complete your studies.

    BLEN believes that university leaders want to keep remediation courses to protect the work of the faculty and maintain registration and financing levels. The result is that the highest-income students "get stuck in poverty", as they struggle to win titles, which is bad for the labor market and the economy of the State, she said.

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    Blen does not want other students to experience something as their experience rather than a decade. A place of placement that she took against coast indicated that she had to take the remediation courses, as well as the courses she would need if she wanted to transfer. She failed her


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