Administration of Biden-Harris Extends the student loan Pause until May 1, 2022 December 22, 2021 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576,
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    Today, the US Department of Education UU announced an extension 90-day Pause in the refund of student loans, interest and collections until May 1, 2022. The extension will allow the administration to evaluate the impacts of the OMICRON Variant in the students' borrowers and provide additional time for That the borrowers plan for the resumption of payments and reduce the risk of delinquency and predetermined values ​​after restarting. The department will continue its work to travel the borrowers again in the reimbursement, even improving student loan services.

    "From the first day of this administration, the department has focused on supporting students and borrowers throughout the pandemic and guaranteeing have the resources they need to return to success with success", said the Secretary of Education of the United States, Miguel Cardona ". This additional extension of the repayment break will provide critical relief to the borrowers who continue to face financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic and will do so. Allow our administration to evaluate the impacts From Omicron in the Student Borrowers. As we prepare for the return to reimbursement in May, we will continue to provide tools and support for borrowers so they can enter the payment plan that responds to their financial situation, as a refund plan driven by income. Students and borrowers will always be at the center of our work in the department, and commitment us s Ted not only to ensure a soft return for reimbursement, but also increases responsibility and stronger customer service from our loan administrators, since borrowers prepare for reimbursement. "

    The Pause in student loan payments will help 41 million borrowers save $ 5 billion per month. Borrowers are encouraged to use the additional time to ensure that their contact information is updated and considering enrollment on the default electronic payment plans and income-driven to support a transition without problems to reimbursement. More information can be found at

    Today's action is one of the series of steps that the administration of Biden-Harris has taken to support students and borrowers, make higher education more affordable and improve loan services Student , including providing almost $ 13 billion in specific loan relief for more than 640,000 borrowers. The actions within that include:

  • renewing the public service loan forgiveness program in October, which has already provided $ 2.4 billion in loan relief to 38,000 borrowers. As part of this effort, the Department implemented a limited PSLF exemption to count all the previous payments made by the student borrowers towards PSLF, regardless of the loan program. The borrowers who are working in public service, but have not yet requested PSLF, they must do so before October 31, 2022, and can find more at
  • providing $ 7.0 billion in relief for 401,000 borrowers who have a total and permanent disability.
  • Approve $ 1.5 billion in borrower's defense claims, including the extension of total relief to approved claims and approve new types of claims.
  • providing $ 1.26 billion at the closed school is discharged to 107,000 borrowers who attended the now late ITT Technical Institute.
  • Helping 30,000 small business owners with student loans seeking help from the check protection program.
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