The academic year began to be triumphant, since the universities returned to learning in person after the Covid-19 pandemic requested most of the campuses to go at the end of last year. Students, to a large extent vaccinated and, often, masked, resumed activities, sports and social events. Things felt almost normal again.

The sudden arrival of the Omicron variant drove some campuses to close early and creates uncertainty for the next semester, but the annual cultivation of vacation videos focuses mainly on the emotion of being gathered. And wait a better year next year.

Celebrating another year of resilience, members of the University of Brown honor members of their community, including the female volleyball team, the indigenous tribe of Narragansett and Empoweru, a start-up of Ed- Tech

The video of the University of Alabama shows the Big mascot when decorating the campus with an assistance from President Stuart Bell.

In Danville Area Community College's Offer, the Mick Jaguar mascot extends the Christmas joy and helps students decorate a Christmas tree.

The Indiana University video describes students and members of the community that help Pamela Whitten to a gingerbread house. Googleg. cmd.push (function () googleg.displ AY ("DFP-AD-Article_in_Article");)

Many of the video greetings have musical groups on campus. In the video of the University of Duke, the groups of Cappella Grupo PitchforkS and Out of the Blue Sing "Let It Snow".

The Music Greetings College at Michigan State University has a special version of the brass quintet of the classic "Sledge ride", consisting of Byleroy Anderson.

Fordham University Share some of your favorite memories of 2021.

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    > The University of Rice offers several groups Student musicals, including the Dorrington Quartet and the Mariachi full moon band.

    The video of the Oral Roberts University shows students who sing Karaoke to classical vacation songs.

    in the Texas A & M University Video Greeting College Engineering, Students and other communities Members share what they are grateful.

    in the video, the faculty and staff members of Western Piedmont Community College of several departments desire the community a happy holiday.

    SUNY CORNING COMMUNITY College recalls the frustrations of the last year of the zoom meetings and celebrate that come together in the masked person.

    within the highest wishes desires all our readers A happy and healthy vacation season!

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