"No one said that the university was easy, especially living in a pandemic where the hugs are a weapon and a mask is the difference between life and death. I hate it. I hate that there is a chance that this will never occur . Week 1 down. College online: 1 Franny: 0. Content: feasible, Motivation: Nonexistent. "

, wrote Frances R. In one of his contributions to a new book, there is no university In Covid: Selections of the Student Journal of Oregon State University (Parafine Presidion). The book consists of a cured collection of journal entries of first-year students in OSU-Cascades enrolled in an autumn academic success course of 2020 designed to help relieve the transition to college.

Jenna Goldsmith, the teacher of the course, to the students assigned to write two daily tickets per week, of any length, about their experiences as university students during a global pandemic, and choose a selection of their Tickets that appear in the book.

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