Thirteen follow-up teachers or thirteen tenure. They are finishing their last semester at the University of William Paterson in New Jersey, having been dismissed this year due to budgetary problems exacerbated by Covid-19.

Now teachers that I thought their work were safe, and they accepted a series of concessions to save as many colleagues jobs as possible in the first round of cuts, face another bigger round of dismissals: citing the accusation of continuous decrease and a $ 30 million structures. Deficit, William Paterson proposed to reduce 150 teachers more than three years, or approximately 40 percent of the full-time faculty.

The number has since reduced from 100 for three years, with the union of the faculty that agrees even more concessions. It is also possible that some more teachers opt for the special retirement packets at a January limit date. But the possibility of losing something close to 100 teachers, approximately 340 in total, has worried the Faculty of William Paterson concerned about not only his work, but the future of the institution as a whole.

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