A non-profit organization based on Oklahoma that offers online college courses and attachments of teaching support for $ 67 per credit hour, almost half of the average cost of $ 113 per credit at the time at Community universities , it has signed 32 associated universities accredited at the regional level in 15 states as looking to reach more students, many of them still in high school.

The partners of 161 Tel Education High School feeds future students at the Tel Universities, after which students complete tel courses. Many of the secondary schools, the objectives From Tel are the home of the students who aspire to go to college, but they tend to lack the trust or money to get there. The associated universities are attracted to the model due to the compatibility with the marketing of Tel forecast and the opportunity to recruit students who otherwise would not know their institutions or necessarily chase the university.

Approximately half of the 32 universities that work with the tel offer only the secondary school double credit associations, while the balance also uses tel courses in their general education curricula. The tel courses are intended to scale, so while the software allows a personalization, the underlying course is uniform, which maintains low prices.

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    Secondary students are charged $ 200 for a class of three credits. The rate is equally divided between Tel and the University that provides credit. University partners pay Tel $ 99 per student enrolled. A tel spokesman said many of his highest associated institutions have discounted credits up to 25 percent to reflect the price of savings prices.

    Many faculty members have concerns about an online course of third-party designer supply classes, because they are concerned that such programs can reduce academic standards and undermine their job security.

    Alden Bass is a teacher of theology at the Christian University of Oklahoma, who has been using Tel to reach both high school students. Credit and students who return to college after leaving. Bass said that when the Tel Tel Association was revealed, the members of the Christian Oklahoma Faculty 18 months ago, the announcement met with great dismay. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article");););

    "People were worried about the loss of employment; People were concerned about quality control and our name was attached to certain courses that we can not have been proven," Bass said.

    Concerns since then have died, he said, because many teachers now recognize the association is "a way that we stay competitive in a changing market" and is part of a greater effort to "standardize" offerings online.

    Jonathan Rees, Professor of History at Colorado State University in Pueblo and a member of the American Association of the National Council of University Teachers, said that this standardization is exactly the problem. Rees said that he and many others in the AAUP have greater concerns about online content designed by third parties, as tel. Rees, which co-author of book education is not an application, said the AAUD plans to review its RedBook guidelines for academic practice to better reflect these concerns.

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    "I find Really disturbing, "Rees said of the Tel model." When decisions about content are made elsewhere, I do not think you are receiving the experience of the complete faculty, so it really is a matter of academic freedom. "

    Rees, who is also in t


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