The members of the Faculty of New York State University are divided upon whether Jim Malatras, the Chancellor of the System, must remain or leave.

The Member Action Coalition: A Faculty Union Faculture Faculty of Suny, United University Professions - published a statement on Monday that called Malatras to resign or for the Board of Trustee of the System would fire him. The coalition is the last group that the Oust of Malatras will request after New York Attorney released text messages that showed Malatra Burning a former Assistant of the Andrew Cuomo administration, while I was President of Empire State College.

The coalition made a delete rest with the president of Uup Frederick Kowal, who, like the Board of Trustees, declares a statement in support of Malatras last week.

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    "We hope to continue our work with the Chancellor Malatras in the construction of a strong and vibrant saint," Kowal wrote on Friday. "The relationship we have forged with the Chancellor will allow us to work closely to obtain the necessary operational funding for our Campus and the seawric hospitals." "

    The members of the Union were not told that Kowal would launch a statement of support for Malatras, according to a member of the Member Action Coalition that asked to remain in anonymity for fear of remuneration. They were discovered In this regard, when the SUNY leadership published it together with the Board's Declaration.

    The members of the coalition had not planned to launch a formal letter of their own, but they decided to do it because the Kowal declaration did not reflect their points of Vista.. Googleg.cmd.push (Function () Googleg.Display ("DFP-AD-Article_in_Article"););

    "The declaration of the Trustee Board dismissed the evidence of Chancellor participation In the toxic atmosphere, the atmosphere of intimidation of the Administration of the Governor of Cuomo, performs those women who have advanced to talk about the truth to power, and they also continue to lie the lack of concern of the lack of the Board. Independence of the Governor's Office, "The Declaration of the Coalition read." This political indebtedness subverts the role they should play in the promotion and defense of public higher education, as well as the fundamental principle of shared governance throughout the system ".

    The coalition represents more than 150 faculty members in the SUNY system and includes between 60 and 70 active members. Uup represents more than 37,000 employees of the system.

    A few dozen members of the Union approached Kowal directly to express their dissatisfaction with the UUP declaration, Kowal said. The Trustee Board asked him and other Union leaders to "provide a statement that characterizes our work relationship with the Chancellor "In short notice in the afternoon, according to Kowal. Taking a position that represents all the members of the Union is difficult.

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    "we welcome our members who express their criticism of our positions when we take them. It is not easy on this day and age to try to reflect and represent the diverse Union of 37,000 members, "Kowal said.

    The member action coalition has criticized before the Trustee Board. The Group established a statement of any declaration of any confidence in the Board after he chose not to carry out a national search and appointed Chancellor of Malatras in August 2020.

    Other state legislators and members of the Community requested the Elimination of Malatras on Monday. Deborah Glick, a member of the Democratic State Assembly, said in a letter on Monday that he is

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