A cohort of four community universities is collaborating to increase the number of single mothers who earn titles and credentials by 30 percent in each institution and collectively offer new supports at least 6,000 single mothers for summer 2024.

Your initial efforts are described in a new report published today by the Education Design Laboratory, a non-profit organization that designs and tests the models of university programs to help unattended students.

Central New Mexico Community College, Slim Community College in New Orleans, Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis and Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY, were selected by the Education Design Laboratory in 2019 to develop and launch Pilot programs by autumn 2021 focused on academic support adapted to single mothers in their institutions. Each university received $ 50,000 in the start-up funds of the ECMC Foundation, a national foundation with the aim of improving the results of higher education among unattended students.

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