All Bowdoin College students who return from Thanksgiving breaks should take a observed antigen Covid test, even if they do not travel anywhere. Students will pick up the tests on the campus and self-register while observing online through EMED, a Rapid fast antigen test service that guarantees students properly. Then, EMed uploads the results of the Bowdoin panel, said Mike Ranen, Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Residential and Student Life Director. In addition, on Monday or Tuesday, all Bowdoin students, faculty and staff should take a PCR test, which have been doing twice a week since the beginning of the semester.

"Regulating the tests have been a kind of angular stone," Ranen said. "If we can find the case at the beginning of your trajectory, we can isolate us to stop spread, and we have seen this work on our campus."

Currently, Bowdoin has an active student Covid-19 cases and three personnel cases. Since the beginning of the autumn semester, the institution has registered 13 cases of employees and 75 cases among the 1,948 students on campus.

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  • " because we have a very low number of Covid on campus And because we can try frequently, we believe that we can stop any outbreak, "Ranen said. "We believe that we can finish the semester in person."

    Not all campuses have such strict protocols after Thanksgiving. In fact, compared to last year, when some institutions refused to allow students to go to vacations and others ended the early semester, without allowing them to return until January, the administrators seem relatively smoothly due to the perspective of an increase In COVID-19 cases after the party. While a handful of institutions require evidence so that students return from rest, many more simply recommend them; Others are not saying anything at all. Few rare are moving to online instruction after rest, which was a common approach last year, before most students were vaccinated.

    To be sure, the country is in a very different place than it was the last day of thanksgiving. . Hundreds of campuses have implemented vaccine and / or masking protocols, and most have returned to all bedrooms, person instruction and vibrant social events. But the virus has not disappeared, and the breaks of thanksgiving, when students typically travel to see family and friends, provides the perfect opportunity for broadcast, Anita Barkin said, co-chair of the workforce of the Association of Health of the American University of the Covid-19 University. The institutions must remain alert for the outbreaks. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    "As we move into the interior, as the weather becomes colder, and as our vaccination rates remain less than optimal, you must have some level of concern and be very vigilant and see if those cases go To increase or not, "Barkin said.

    In some parts of the country, vaccination rates are lagged, Barkin said, so she recommends that institutions focus on shooting and testing students, faculty and returning staff from the break.

    "Institutions can not control vacation activities and celebrations in which students will participate," Barkin said. "So encouraging evidence, either a test prior to arrival or arrival testing on campus, allow institutions to have a certain sense that people who return to campus are not positive for Covid-19".

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