• Charles Ambrose, President and CEO of About KnowledgeWorks, in Ohio, has been selected as President of Henderson State University, in Arkansas.
  • Deannia Clements, interim president of Wiregrass Georgia Technical College, has been named for work permanently.
  • Robin Cautin, in Connecticut, in Connecticut, in Connecticut, has been designated for work permanently.
  • Brad D. Smith, the former CEO of Intuit, in California, has been named President of Marshall University, in West Virginia.
  • Tarshia L. Stanley, Dean of the School of Humanities, Arts and Sciences from St. Catherine University, in Minnesota. , has been appointed provisional and vice president of academic affairs at Wagner College, in New York.
  • Pam Stinson, Vice President of Academic Affairs in the north of Oklahoma College, has been elected as Provocés and Vice President of Academic Affairs. At Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma City.

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    Righting ‘Historical Wrongs’

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