The oldest continuous operation optometry university in the country hopes to be also the first institution at the doctorate level to offer a hybrid title online / in person, according to the president of the New England Optometry College and the CEO Dr. Howard Purcell, who is leading the effort to bring medical education online at his 127-year-old university.

dr. Purcell has been associated with Noodle, an online program management platform that is invoiced as "Google for Education" and that was designed to compete directly with 2U and other online program managers when creating a network of technology and other providers of Services that accept a set of technology and business standards.

Now, neco and noodles are starting their march to accreditation, driven by a shared interest in the increase in access to optometry education, which, as it is only available in 23 institutions in all the country. Thirty-three states are without an optometry school, said Dr. Purcell.

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