WASHINGTON: When did the state's higher education leaders meet (in person!) Here last week, its agenda included the usual topics: expand access to the university, improve the completion and ensure that students are prepared For work and life after graduating. But its first important meeting since before the Covid-19 pandemia was also its first convocation from the other major 2020 global tremor: the agitation of racial justice as a result of Multiple murders of black Americans by the police.

The extent to which set of developments has remodeled the priorities of many higher education leaders, it was evident in the prevalence of issues related to equity and diversity in the agenda of the Education Policy Conference of education of executive officers of executives executives. Almost half of the individual sessions of 50 or more was significantly touched on those issues, a remarkable increase of previous years.

The group leaders also assured that equity would not be lost in the shuffle opening the meeting with recoil. Back speakers laying the breed theme in sharp relief. Adam Harris, the Atlantic writer and the author of the State must provide: Why have the colleges of the United States have always been unequal, and how to establish them well (Ecco), spoke at the opening dinner on how the public policy of higher education has Prioritized historically the interests of white students and the need to address that now.

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