Every Wednesday morning before 7:00 a.m., Bethami Dobkin goes to the Westminster College gym to establish a dozen stationary bicycles. After a brief stretch, the university president leads a group of eight to 12 students, teachers and staff members through a 50-minute cycling training.

"Our students tell us that Westminster's education is characterized by things like breaking the stereotypes and leaving their comfort zone, and I thought, well, this is a good way to model those things," he said Dobkin.

Dobkin became President of the Liberal of Salt Lake City Arts College in 2018. A long-standing equestrian, she was never an avid cyclist, but she enjoyed taking cycling classes indoors for several years. After a year of remote learning and social distancing, offering a cycling class from the account of it seemed a good way to return before students. She also hoped that she would allow her to meet the students and employees in a more relaxed context and show one side of herself that are often stifled by the demands of a university presidency.

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    Dobkin is not the first university president to exercise with the students. The President of the School of Oberlin, Carmen, Carmen, Amber, has raised weights with the soccer team and launched a "presidential start-up field". GREG CRAWFORD, President of the University of Miami in Ohio, invites students to ride a bike on campus or at the race stadium with it. And when Mike Lovell became president of the University of Marquette in 2014, he formed a group of "Run with the president" to join him twice a week in his morning careers, everything considered a fun and productive way to connect with the students.

    "We all know what People expect the president to look and act as, "Dobkin said. "Being a gym and becoming hot and sweaty and having fun, it is not something that is necessarily associated with a presidency. . "

    To teach the class, Dobkin became CE RTified as a group fitness instructor by the American Council on the exercise and received a certification from the Red Cross. She works hard to create the list of perfect playback for each session. Each week it brings a new topic; Until now, the group has been cycled to world music, '80s hits, boy-band band bits, beach songs, wonders of a blow, and more. < / p> googleag.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    "In a moment, there was a bit of bet with some of the people in class to see if They could choose a song that was going to be on the playlist, depending on the topic, "said Dobkin." And then they realized how difficult it is to find out what are the correct revolutions per minute and how long it should be. "

    Emma Rohrer-Fitzhugh, a first-year student in Westminster, has attended Dobkin class A. Pair of Vece s. She loves that the president changes the music with each session.

    "She makes it fun and different every time you go," said Rohrer-Fitzhugh. A member of the track team, Rohrer-Fitzhugh attended the class with some of her teammates.

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    ", all had the same opinion, which was really difficult, but it was a good training" , said. "It was super fun."

    Kellie Gerbers, Assistant Professor of Education and Outdoor Leadership, assists the Dobkin class regularly with a group of other employees. She has really enjoyed the opportunity to meet her colleagues and H

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