The Honthlong student protest in Howard University on housing and representation, which led students and students in other historically black institutions to protest for solidarity, ended on Monday morning after the protesters reached an agreement with the administration.

In a LiveStream, Howard Student Manemerators and his lawyer, Donald Temple, celebrated the agreement, whose details remained private.

"It can be said without any hesitation or reservation that students traveled bravely on a road. Towards greater university responsibility and transparency and public safety," Temple said during LiveStream. "And this agreement marks a meeting of minds between topics of interest".

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    Howard Senior Aniyah Vines, founder of the live movement, a community organization that becomes aware of problems in Howard, said the agreement promised greater transparency and responsibility.

    "We spent 33 days challenging our university administration," she said the vines. "We came, we saw, we declare and win. Won for our students, we won by Howard University, both Hondard Howard and the future Howard, and we won for our community."

    Howard President Wayne A. I. Frederick said in a statement released on Monday night that the university will share details. From the agreement "Soon" and that the students' protesters agreed to leave the Blackburn Student Center. He said he hopes that unparing protesters also come out around too. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    "This is a welcome step forward, since we continue gathering our community of Howard," wrote Frederick.

    Student demonstrators, including those of the young democratic socialists of America and the live movement, occupied for the first time the University Center of Howard's Armor J. Blackburn on October 12 protests the lack of representation in the Board of university trustees and the conditions of college housing, including mold in some bedrooms and rats and cockroaches at the Blackburn Café, a restaurant establishment for residents.

    Concerns about the mold were amplified on Friday when the Fourth floor of the College Hall South, a student residence, flooded. The university told WTOT News that a restoration contractor was drying the walls and verification of moisture in the affected areas. The university was also committed to helping students displaced by the flood or whose personal belongings were damaged. The live movement published videos of the flooded bedrooms, writing that the students had to evacuate in the middle of the night.

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    "The health and well-being of our students is the More important part of my work as president, "wrote Frederick in Monday's statement. "As I said before, even a problem in one of our bedrooms is too much, and we will continue to maintain vigilantes in our commitment to maintain a safe and high-end housing."

    wrote that the solutions The concerns raised by students will be addressed through the Howard Forward Strategic Plan, which aims to improve academic excellence and achieve financial sustainability, and the master plan of the 2020 campus of the University, which includes new buildings on campus.

    "As we approach the Thanksgiving vacations, they encourage me and enthusiastic about the work we have achieved, and the work will continue to do together to reinforce Howard University.

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