A lawsuit filed against the State University of Louisiana, affirms that university officials did not protect students from a graduate student and supposedly sexual predator in series to those allowed to retain positions of influence on undergraduate undergraduate students despite To have been arrested for rape, and despite repeated complaints about the harassment behavior of the student graduated to numerous LSU officials with "authority to rectify the situation" over a period of two and a half years.

The suit, presented by five current or previous LSU students and a teacher, allege that the behavior of the graduate student, Edouard d'Esprungue d'Arros, "was extended from comments on the organisms of the Students, marital status, weight, sexual history and physical appearance, sexualized and incorrect text messages., To follow students to their multi-time cars, to block them from LSU's social networks accounts French Club in reprisals for reporting harassment or decreasing its progress, on investment. Achieved moving, hugs, cherination, sexual assault, sexual battery and rape ".

The lawsuit alleges that "due to the deliberate indifference of LSU officials and an official gender discrimination policy," Violed D'upgrade of the undergraduate plaintiffs and sexually assaulted a third, all the which were approximately 10 years younger than him. Joining the three undergraduate plaintiffs in the suit like Jane, the No. 4 to 6 are two current and ancient graduate students and a professor who claimed that they were repristed against the Chair of the French Department, Adelaide Russo, to sound alarms over the Alleums of d'eye. bullying.

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