The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored a 115-page report in May that requested that the release of more information to help students make better decisions about where to go to college, hoping to eliminate the "holes of completion "and" eliminate affordability as an impediment to postsecundary value ".

The report pointed out that these objectives are related a lot with inequities in education by race, gender and class. "Without explicit attention to racial, socioeconomic and gender equity, postsecondary education will continue to sustain and exacerbate inequalities, but a more equitable postsecondary system can build a fairer society," she says. "We urgently need that we need to transform the postsecundary system of the nation to guarantee the value of the populations more affected by racial and gender violence and the pandemic of Coronavirus and the terrible economic and death consequences, which impart the marginalized communities ".

A question about the work of the postsecondary value commission, which produced the report, has been how you will achieve those objectives. Today, the Gates Foundation launches a new tool, equitable value explorer, to help universities and policy makers to report recommendations.

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    "For higher education to generate economic mobility and interrupt broader social inequities, institutions must" know their numbers "and policymakers at all levels must use those Numbers to implement evidence-based. Policies that promote equitable value, especially for low-income fund students, black students, Latin, Latin, Latin, Latinx, indigenous and Asian Asian and peaceful, and women " , said Mamie Voight, Acting President of the Institute for Higher Education Policy and Partner Administration of the Postsecondary Commission of Value. "We know that equitable explorer can help institutions use data to provide quality and affordable credentials that offer students a better life and a better life, everything that assumes the goal of promoting the most just and just society ". / P>

    The tool, based on the scorecard card of the university, allows easy comparison of schools in a variety of factors. For example, it includes the percentage of students who receive PELL subsidies (as an indicator of how the institution serves low-income populations). Readers will discover that Harvard University has an 11 percent pell fee, while the Bunker Hill Community College fence has a 48 percent pell rate. But that is just the beginning of the comparisons. There is also a cumulative net price, the ending rate, undergraduate inscription per race, percentage of greater stems and more.

    As the tool is highlighted in itself, a major limitation in existing data is the lack of medium profit measures 10 years after undergraduate registration per race or gender. "Because Scorecard's profits of the University are not yet disaggregated by race / ethnicity or gender, these thresholds are only shown for institutions with at least 50 percent of their undergraduate registration of that subgroup for a comparison More precise with the thresholds, "says the tool. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    There are many comparisons to do. Consider the Community College of Denver and Rowan-Cabarrus Community College (in Salisbury, N.C.), which are identical (39 percent) in the proportion of students receiving Pell scholarships. Rowan-Cabarrus has a finalization fee that is twice the Denver Community College (26 versus 13 percent). Denver is, by far, the most racially diverse institution, with only 32 percent white inscription against 5

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    New Presidents or Provosts: Cuyahoga CC, Finlandia U, Grand Canyon U, Loyola U of Chicago, Nazareth College, Onondaga CC, Paradise Valley CC, Salisbury U, Tompkins Cortland CC, U of Kentucky

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