In an unusual movement, an astronomer this week eliminated its next publication from a preprint website, put your book-related book and apologized written by the "damage" that had caused.

The incident has caught the attention of cultural warriors, who suggest that the teacher was forced to sacrifice himself at the altar of awakened academic orthodoxy. Others, including many astronomers, say that the paper suffered from serious failures and should never have done it beyond peer review in the first place.

A magic formula

The scholar in the question is John Kormondy, an astronomy professor at the University of Texas in Austin. The work of it now withdrawn from it is an extension of its new 311-page book, impact metrics in research in astronomy. The premise of both works, according to the document (archived in its entirety here), is that the faculty personnel committees often use "qualitative indicators and an uncertain personal opinion" to make decisions about scientists who will ultimately affect Science itself. Therefore, "they must aim to make it better."

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    The Kormingy solution is a kind of formula to predict the impact of the Future research of the first years astronomers based on different dating counts. Judging academics for your dating counts is not a new idea. What is the novel about the Kormingy approach is that "calibrated" its "machinery" asking 22 eminent astronomers who classify, or "vote" for, some 500 astronomers on a scale of one to eight, and one is effectively reserved For the winners of the Nobel Prize.

    This calibration is supposed to take into account what appointments only can not communicate, a type of Je Ne Sais Quoi, and facilitates astronomers to judge the potential of academics who work in subcamples beyond their own experience.

    Kormingy says that this work was inspired by her's own interest in helping junior academics build her careers, and warns several times that her framework should not be the only criteria used to evaluate the work or promotion. Candidates also addresses the growing attention to inclusion in academe and the possibility of bias in their study. But he says that the biases he could measure, including the genre (three of him was women), were despicable to small. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    The document was accepted by the procedures of the National Academy of Sciences, but Kormondy published a prepress of it last week at the ARXIV prepress repository. The negative responses, including the charges that the document would only perpetuate the opening of ACADEME in simple metrics, to the detriment of scientific discovery, followed. Other concerns focused on the potential of the document to perpetuate biases against women and minorities, which are already related to a more wire, predominantly masculine field. Additional criticisms focused on the methodology, including the limited approach of Kormondy in astronomers, of only the most selective departments, made the study of it be referenced the field as a whole to be useless.

    an astronomer (which refused to be interviewed for this article) wrote on Twitter, for example, that "if it makes you happy to create these plots, go ahead. But suggesting that we use this model in contracting decisions is Horrible. It is bad from a modeling perspective, a perspective of equity, and because it implies that we do not want things to change. "

    Pieter van Dokkum, Sol Goldman Family Astronomy teacher at Yale University, used one of the oldest theories of Kormingy about the relationship between the size of the galaxy and the surface brightness for Dunk with he unable

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