• Julie Byerley, Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs at the School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina, has been elected as president and Dean of the School of Medicine of the Geisinger Commonwealth, in Pennsylvania.
  • Eun-Woo Chang, EX Provost At the University of Ashland, in Ohio, has been appointed Vice President of Academic Affairs and Academic Director in Northern Virginia Community College.
  • Nora Delleitner, Roy L. Steinheimer Jr. Professor of Law in Washington and the Law School of the University of Lee, in Virginia, has been appointed president of the Annapolis campus of St. John's College, in Maryland.
  • Allison D. Garrett, president of the Emporia State University, in Kansas, has been chosen as chancellor of the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education.
  • Scott E. Miller, an academic dean at the University of Edinboro, in Pennsylvania, has been selected as Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost at the Western University of Pennsylvania, which is integrated. Edinboro, California Universities IA and Clarion.
  • Tanya Millner, Associate Vice President of Teaching and Learning In the Universities and Universities System of the State of Connecticut, has been chosen as provoked and vice president of learning in Anne Arundel Community College, in Maryland.
  • David Russell, Inner President of Columbia College, in Missouri, has been appointed to work permanently.


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