Students who graduated during the Covid-19 pandemia in 2021 reported less job offers and less access to career university centers than the previous class, according to a new survey today since the National Association of Schools and employers.

The biggest graduates received an average of 0.83 job offers at 2021, drops of 0.93 for the 2020 class. And students visited the career center of their institution an average of 1.19 times in 2020-21 , compared to 1.55 visits in 2019-20, what is born is probable due to the pandemic.

The pandemic also stole college students of opportunities for internships. Nace discovered that last year, about 22 percent of employers revoked internships and 41 percent delayed their start dates, reducing the length of many internships, which traditionally run from 10 to 12 weeks. To compensate for lost internships, career centers in many institutions developed a new virtual program to provide students at work experience.

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