Two recent reports are highlighting the need for reforms to income-driven plans to pay for student loans, since the Repayment break ends at the beginning of next year and the Department of Education seems to create a new plan to through the regulatory process.

of borrowers in the refund in the study of the Education Trust on how black borrowers experience student loans, 72 percent were enrolled in a reimbursement driven by income, or IDR, plan. The borrowers described the IDR as something that feels like a "debt sentence for life", said the report, which was based on a national survey of almost 1,300 black borrowers and in-depth interviews with 100 black borrowers.

"The borrowers often felt as if they were making payments without any end to sight, and that was aggravated by other financial debts, from payday loans or housing debt or card debt or Credit card debt, "said Jalil Bishop, which co-authored the report. "They feel that education was supposed to give them the resources and the opportunity to anticipate those debts, but student loans have become a place where that debt intensifies."

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