President Biden pointed out last week that his plan for community-free community college is in support of life in Congress, but policy experts say that the program could still be rescued, at least in part, while It is adjusted to the lowest cost legislation.

The 50 Senate Democrats have to be on board to pass the Big BiDen Social Expenses Plan, which also includes a boost to the maximum Pell Grant Prize, financing for minority service institutions and a pilot program of University completion funds - through the budget reconciliation process. But moderate Democratic Senators, Joe Manchin, West Virginia and Arizona Kyrsten Sinema, are firmly against the price tag of the original legislation, which entered $ 3.5 billion. Manchin said he would support a maximum of $ 1.5 billion and has been encouraging his democratic colleagues to reduce the number of priorities included in the package.

One of those cuts under consideration seems to be the University of America. Program of Promise, the part of the compilation recovery act will provide two years of Community University without universal enrollment through a federal partnership-financing association. Biden told reporters last Friday that the Congress is unlikely to provide the level of investment he has proposed for the program.

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    " I do not know No significant change in the US public policy that has occurred by a single piece of legislation ... and, therefore, you know, I doubt that you get complete financing for community colleges, "Biden said.

    The duration of the program has already been reduced by 10 years in the original proposal of Biden five years in the current draft of the Budget Reconciliation Law that was prepared by the Democrats of the House. Still, more cuts and limitations can be imposed without ruining the integrity of the program, say experts, even if they are not ideal.

    Legislators could again shorten the duration of financing for the program, which makes it a pilot program of three or four years, said Michelle Miller-Adams, Professor of Political Science at the State University Grand Valley and researcher at the Uppjohn Institute. Even though the program would be financed for a shorter period of time, students are expected to still take advantage of it, and because of that, Congress would be inclined to continue financing it in the future. googleg.cmd .push (function () googleg.display ("DFP-AD-Article_in_Article"););

    "If a year of rest is reduced, we can work with the States," said JEE Hang Lee, senior vice president of the College Community Trustee Association. "So, we can continue to have a conversation with Congress and Administration after implementation, we will see significant enrollment increases, and we can show that. With luck, that will boost the Congress to continue supporting and providing funds for it."

    A longest program would be ideal, but cutting its duration is a much more preferable solution than the other cost reduction option, Miller-Adams said, which is typing the benefit of financial need.

    Restriction of access to the community-free community-based community-based community, called "Media Test", it would be limited who can take advantage of the benefit, which finally reduces the general price tag of the program . It means that the tests are also being considered for other parts of the bill, as the provisions provided by the universal expansion of child care and Medicare.

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